What type of file will I receive?

If you purchase a Personal License bitmap image on the Patternbank Studio you will receive a flat JPEG image at the size specified on the design page. This file can be opened in packages such as Adobe Photoshop.
Commercial License purchases are offered as layered Adobe Photoshop PSD files or Adobe Illustrator EPS/AI files depending on the file type. The design file info can be found on the info pane on the right-hand side of the design page - file format/design size/repeat info can be found here. The Commercial License may also includes additional assets that the designer has uploaded - i.e. extra colourways, preparatory works and scans.
In the Premium Exclusive License section of the site, if you purchase a bitmap file you will receive the layered Adobe Photoshop document (PSD) which will enable you to customize the design further. When purchasing a Premium Vector file, an EPS file is downloaded which is editable in packages such as Adobe Illustrator.
Patternbank, emphasizes the importance of thoroughly reviewing files for both quality and errors before proceeding with production. By taking the time to inspect the files, buyers can ensure that the final product meets their expectations and standards. This step is crucial in avoiding any potential issues or discrepancies that may arise during the printing process.
Additionally, collaborating with a printer and seeking their expertise in making the files print-ready can greatly enhance the overall quality and outcome of the final product. By working together, buyers can benefit from the printer's knowledge and experience, resulting in a seamless production process and a high-quality end result. Therefore, it is highly recommended to follow Patternbank's advice and invest the necessary effort into checking files for quality and errors while collaborating with a printer to achieve optimal print readiness for your specific product purposes.
Contact support@patternbank.com if you have any issues with your files - we can contact the designer to resolve any file or design problems.